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09:22 02/11/2016


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Hi all,

It has come to our attention that a few players are getting confused with how to lodge a ticket, or are completely unaware of what a ticket is.

To access the ticket system, you can simply go here, or you can follow the below directions starting from

Attachment 7193

From here you will get the following template by default:

Issue Type: Order Issue (buying diamonds) / Account Block Issue (ban/mute/error) / VIP Access Issue / Game Issues(directed to relevant forum board)
Select Game: Select the correct game e.g. Clash of Avatars or Lord's Road
Server: Pick the server you experienced the issue on e.g. S.1
In Game Name: Your character name
E-mail: The e-mail (the one you used for the account preferably - you may be contacted this wage)
Orderno: You will find your order details here. Your Orderno should be similar to AMZ2016045152151118182.
Payment Account: Details for payment. E.g. MasterCard account number, or Paypal e-mail address.
Subject: Brief description of issue (1-10 words MAX)
Description: This is the important part, we need you to explain the issue, and include other relevant details. If you can't access game, we will need you to note down everything that we can help us help you.
For example, the browser (Firefox, Chrome etc.), the operating system (windows 10, Mac, Linux), have you tried multiple browsers, have you cleache cache etc. How long have you experienced the issue for, be specific and elaborate as much as possible, otherwise we spend days or weeks guessing, and we do not resolve your issue in a timely manner.
Attachments: Please attach screenshots so we can see what you see. If you are filing a ticket for a payment issue, e-mail of payment receipt may also be appropriate.

When you are done, click submit, and you will receive a response as soon as possible, either via e-mail, in game, or via forum.
Remember, we are human as much as you are, the more information you give us, the more we have to go off and the quicker and easier we can fix your problem and resume your normal gaming experience.

I have included two examples of what kind of text goes in each field.

Attachment 7194

Attachment 7195




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