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Turnip Defense Mechanics

You, your party, and a dirt path that they're forced to travel through are all that stand between some hungry monsters and a giant bouncing carrot that's apparently a turnip. Over the course of 20 waves, you will have to kill 213 monsters as they try to make their way to the carrot/turnip. The event ends when either all 213 monsters are gone (either dead or escaped) or more than 10 monsters reached carrot-turnip thing at the far right side of the map. Killing monsters will award you with points (the stronger they are, the more points they give), which can be used to either summon stationary support units to help you deal with monsters or to use support skills. Rewards increase every 50 kills and are given at the end of the event. You can exit at any time without losing an attempt, but you will not receive any rewards and will have to start over from the beginning. Turnip Defense attempts reset at 12:00 AM server time.

Support Units
There are 4 possible support units that can be summoned by players to aid with the event. Units can be summoned by clicking on their portrait to the left of the screen and will be placed exactly where the player that summoned it was. They will always go after the nearest target and will not change targets until it either dies or moves out of range. All units have different maximum targeting ranges and each unit plays a unique role. The units are:
Spearman (100 points): Despite the in-game description, this unit's attack range is farther than Luby's and attacks very quickly. However, that's all it has going for it -- it only hits 1 enemy at a time and does the lowest damage of all 4 units.
Veteran Hunter (120 points): Has a long-ranged, single-target attack that has a short delay while dealing more damage per hit than the spearman units. However, its true value is inflicting slow on anything it hits for 3 seconds.
Mage Luby (300 points): Does an AoE attack centred around her that freezes enemies for 1 second. The AoE radius is slightly shorter than the hunter's attack range, but does more damage. Sadly, the casting animation is long, so enemies can run out of range before it hits. Placing her where enemies need to circle around her will avoid this.
Knight (500 points): Has the farthest-reaching target range with an attack that can hit even beyond that. Hits enemies 3 times and does the most damage, but the attack has a very narrow range. It can potentially hit everything along a lane with proper placement, so it should always be placed directly at the end of a long path.

Support Skills
There are 3 support skills that players can use to apply a temporary debuff to all spawned enemies currently on the map. Each skill has a 1 minute cooldown. From left to right, the skills are:
Damage Up (20 points) Slow (20 points) Freeze (30 points)
Enemies take 20% more damage Slows enemy movement by 10% Freezes enemies for 3 seconds

Tips and Tricks

- Start off by either by placing Luby by the first corner and a hunter below her (she won't have much use until later on) or a knight at the upper corner

If too many enemies escape in the early rounds, you can exit without losing an attempt

Points are shared by everyone in the party, so be considerate of your party members and figure out who's going to be doing what with the points

There's no point hoarding points, but try to keep at least 30 points to be able to use the support freeze skill in emergencies

Use the small break between waves to position and summon units

Don't summon units right at the entrance or right in front of the turnip; all units have an effective range with their attacks, so placing them in those areas will effectively halve their range

Don't summon units in random positions: All enemies follow the same path to the turnip, so don't place units where they can barely hit anything

Focus your units in the left-third of the map

Unless you or your party members can hit like a truck, you'll want to have 2 knights, 2~3 mages towards the end of the event, dumping the rest into hunters

Using skill pots will also reset the cooldown for the 3 support skills

Since the rewards are increased every 50 kills but there are only 213 monsters, you can get away with having 10 enemies escape and still get the maximum rewards if you can make it to the end

If you struggle to clear round 19 but are able to start round 20 with 0 escaped enemies, you only have to focus on killing 3 enemies to win since there are only 13 spawns in round 20

    + The first 2 spawns of the last round are extremely weak and shouldn't take more than 5 seconds to kill with normal hits, so you only really need to focus on 1 other enemy

    + If you started round 20 with x escaped enemies, you would have to kill at least x+3 enemies


Note: The skill suggestions made below were made under the assumption that you and/or your party aren't able to bulldoze through all 213 monsters -- if you're able to do that, then go with whatever skills you want.

For all classes, avoid using fire unless you are either hitting them as they spawn (ie. mage dropping w-fire where they spawn) or you can kill the fast mobs in 1~3 hits as burn will overwrite slow. Also, if you are running the event with a party or are a priest/warrior using q-ice, do NOT use q-ice while enemies are frozen by the support skill or frost seal, as the short freeze duration of q-ice will overwrite the 3 second freeze on frost seal and support freeze skill.


Q - lightning or ice: Go with whatever you hit harder with. Since enemies will constantly be getting slowed by the veteran hunters that you summon, it will be relatively easy to hit multiple enemies with q-ice's splash damage.

W - any (fire is least preferred): Go with your best element. Just know that w-fire has a 1.5 second delay between casting and actually doing damage and the AoE damage lasts for 3 seconds, so aim accordingly. W-ice hits instantly and lasts for 2 seconds. W-lightning has the largest AoE and is good for those parts of the path where enemies need to make 2 turns.

E - ice or fire: E-ice is preferred since it slows, but e-fire can interrupt enemies (make them bounce) for 0.5 seconds, allowing the enemies behind them to catch up and hit them all with another AoE skill.


Q - ice or lightning: Since enemies spawn relatively close together, q-ice's small splash range can hit at least 2 targets (the enemies behind the initial target will run into q-ice's small AoE). Just be wary of what you hit with q-ice, as you may end up overwriting a 3 second freeze from an avatar/support skill with a brief one. Only use q-lightning if you've already locked on to the target you want to hit and you are in front of them. I can't tell you how many times I've seen warriors push the enemies closer to the end of the map; when in doubt, push to the left.

W - lightning or fire: Both skills have a short radius, but w-lightning is preferred since it doesn't inflict burn and you can still move around while attacking to go after other enemies. W-fire will interrupt enemies as you pull them in. Decent for when you're in a party, questionable while soloing -- just be sure you're either pulling enemies away from the end of the map or pulling enemies from both sides.

E - lightning: E-fire and ice just aren't reliable due to their hitboxes. Both can still be used since you're bound to hit something when they spawn that close together, but both skills will miss its intended target if your target is any of the fast mobs.


Q - ice or lightning: As with warrior's q-ice skill, the small AoE on priest's q-ice can be ignored since enemies spawn and move fast enough to run into it. However, q-lightning can reliably hit up to 4 enemies. Go with whatever you hit harder with.

W - fire: You're better off having your base damage increased than doing chip damage. While w-lightning could be used to pick off enemies that barely survived, the same could be said about the summoned units you've placed around the map.

E - lightning or ice: Lightning is preferred since the range on the gorilla's skills are just that broken. Ice can be used if you're soloing or if no one seems to want to use ice. Just keep in mind that the freeze duration of the gorilla is shorter than with support and avatar skills.

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