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7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Totti 4 2537 Kitwritten 11/06/2016 21:03
Cannot login Since 2 hours ago a cant be able to get into the game,it reads that the site was moved or its temporaly out of service i want to know if someone else has the same problem today. 5 year ago
Anonymous27667210 0 660
missing tycoon reward hi guys, pls, can you check, why i didn't receive any reward from last tycoon, i finished on 3rd place, and reward was nothing or what???   6 year ago Last Post by Alex Bojev(6 year ago)
Alex Bojev 4 1325 Alex Bojev 11/22/2017 12:46
Losing battles after killing all mobs

I have been receiving loses for battles that I win with members of my team still alive, and less then 20 turns have passed.  I have also on occasion received a lower star level for a winning battle, such as completing the battle with all 5 members still alive, and still getting only 2 star r

7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Anonymous26375134 1 1403 Kitwritten 07/01/2017 08:07
[reporting ] incorrect battle results, please fix server [picture] 7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Anonymous29123154 5 1255 Kitwritten 06/19/2017 10:20
resolved] missing reward guys, because of slow recharge, i have lost some rewards, i was waiting to 03:40 on  12.06.2017,  i'm from Bulgaria, i have + 7 hours between time zones of server and my country, sooo i cant wait anymore and go to bed, now i saw i have my diamonds but cant take rewards anymore, a... 7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31849027(5 year ago)
Alex Bojev 11 2347 Anonymous31849027 12/07/2018 01:04
[resolved] Fehlende Topaz

Mir fehlen meine topaz..ich habe aufgeladen per sofortüberweisung..

Bis jetzt ist nicht gekommen

1= 800 Topaz und 1x 200 Topaz


S1 Twilight Shadow

7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Anonymous26746790 1 1003 Kitwritten 06/02/2017 01:57
{resolved] recharge ne fonctionne pas
Order No.AMZ20170531055321767731-05-2017 05:53:21
  • [picture]
  • 800 Diamonds
  • League of Angels II - [S59] Summers Dawn (US East)
  • $ 19.99
7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous20835520(7 year ago)
Anonymous20835520 2 1121 Anonymous20835520 05/31/2017 06:26
cant take diamond return reward [picture][picture][picture][picture] 7 year ago Last Post by Alex Bojev(7 year ago)
Alex Bojev 2 1111 Alex Bojev 06/11/2017 20:48
[resolved] Bugged dom rewards


Had to bump my thread since some FM decided to close my thread and call it solved even though I never actually received any compensation/diamonds. Love the support around here.

7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31470670(6 year ago)
anonymous11174849 9 1561 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:21
Please help... I recharge the game to avail the 5$ to avail the the 200 topaz with 1000 dias and the other events like all rounder and any amount recharge yet did not activate after recharging 7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Anonymous27157120 2 891 Kitwritten 05/14/2017 04:01
[Resolved] Furnace smelting BUG

This had happened for about a few days already. Just got the idea to question it out after a few people discussing it in game. 


This should be the output depending on the level of the Furnance. I was able to notice upon using the daily "Furnace" smelting stuff, with my

7 year ago Last Post by Demi(7 year ago)
Anonymous27084198 2 828 Demi 05/06/2017 23:01
[resolved] I cannot get my domination reward +wagers on my s

dom bugged, therefore I cannot receive wagers , continue to finals and get the rewards for dom





7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31895463(4 year ago)
anonymous11174849 27 1822 Anonymous31895463 06/18/2020 08:56
[checking] I can not enter normal dungeon nor elit

cap 11-1 norris, normal

cap 6-1 adolf, elte

7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
joseph06 10 1002 Kitwritten 04/06/2017 21:10
resolved] Can't get rewards from Tycoon.


as the title says I can't get the Tycoon rewads for this week. (march 26-29, 2017)

Name Moño

what? can't get rewards

Where? Any realm.

When? March 30,2017 (9:00am ET)

How? by clicking the claim button.

Game? leage of angels II

7 year ago Last Post by Demi(7 year ago)
Thight Square 1 832 Demi 03/31/2017 20:20
Inscribe bug

Hi. I am trying to inscribe my Moira. 

I have 216 Inscribe crystals in inventory but when in Inscribe tab it says I have 0.

In the same inscribe screen however it shows i have the 216....

7 year ago Last Post by Demi(7 year ago)
DeeperThanU 1 908 Demi 03/12/2017 06:30