Battle Royale Guide All players level 60 and above will receive a free Battle Pet. But how can we make our new pets stronger? The new game mode “Battle Royale” has the answer!
Click Multiplayer and select Battle Royale to enter the event.

New Battle Royale Provides Pet Resources!
Players that have reach...
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Clothing - Accessory System Through the Accessory system, players can craft their own Jewelry or Pendant and unlock powerful new passive skills to carry them to victory! - Unlocked at level 55

The Accessory System;

Accessories come in different qualities, the better the quality the greater the stat bonus they

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LoA II Eternal war buildings



RED= Buildings, the T, K, F, V etc are short for the various types of buildings such as Keep, Town, Village

Blue= Faction Flags, there are 3 factions, Fire (Red)  Water (blue ) and Wind ( green)

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Eternal Wars FAQ


Eternal War FAQ

Q: What is the Eternal War?

A: The Eternal War is a new cross-server PvP conquest mode. Different servers are placed in a 3 Faction map with the ability to form Factions and go to battle for land and control of the map.

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Carnival plus second week of new server [picture][picture][picture] 1 year ago
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New Server 7 Day Event [picture][picture][picture] 1 year ago
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the recycle options Recycle Panel

Recycle System: Here you can recycle Heroes, Equipment, Relics, Rebirth Heroes, Relics,  Equips, Pets, etc.
Recycling a hero will give you Souls that are used in Hero Shop.

On first tab


 You can recycle heroes and yo...
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Equipment System, Recycle System, Guild

Enhancing equipment on your hero grants a BR Boost to your party, and also boosts the hero that has the equipment you enhanced on.

Enhancing costs gold, and gold is gain by doing dailies, quests, events, storylines, etc.

You have two ways of Enhancing your equipment.

First one,

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Arena, Hero Trial, Abyss

In Arena you can Exchange “ Arena Prestige “ that you can from battles in the shop, for hero shards, resources, EXP Scrolls, and many more!

There is also a “ Special Tab “ with rewards for certain places. As seen in the image below, and they can only be redeemed once.


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Hero Summoning, Factions and Hero Shop

1.   Hero Summoner : This is the place where you can recruit heroes of Rare ( blue ), Purple ( Epic ) and Orange ( Legendary ) quality.

There are 2 ways of summoning the heroes.

One is called “ Pray Summon “ and you can summon heroes using Pray Tokens which can be obtai

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Frequently Asked Questions Dear Players, we have prepared this FAQ to help you understand this game. Hope you will enjoy playing this game.

    Q: Which classes can i choose for my characters.
    A: We don’t have classes of characters in the game. The male character and fe...
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LoA II Level guide


Welcome to LoA II Level guide.

Here you will find at what level different activities will become available. You gain exp from daily quests, events, fighting in dungeons and  animas path.

Level 6      Mount icon becomes availa

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From vip 0 to vip 4 How many diamonds do I need to purchase to go from no vip level (VIP 0) to vip level 4? 1 year ago
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Evolution questions Maybe im just lost, but Where are the evo-cores from?? 1 year ago
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AMZ Shop Hi, just wondering why there arent packages for League of Angels 2 in the AMZ coin shop? and if we will get sometime soon? 1 year ago
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Eternal War Is it possible to change your faction to join a different legion once it has selected one for you? 1 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31648686(5 hours ago)
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