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Open Beta Shaikan Bug rewards Open Beta Shaikan has launched

We are aware of the presence of bugs and glitches in the game. So we would like players to report them please

We will collect names of players so we can give them a reward for proven bugs ( Shaikan test team and devs will confirm bugs )

1) Bugs need a screenshot whe...
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Gem Maze Gem Maze opens at level 28 after you have spoken with Massy in the Quests.

After you have pressed the Accept Quest for Gem maze, it will appear in the right hand side accepted quests (Highlighted)

Attachment 5088

Press the Open Gem Maze Interface.
This will Open the Gem Maze Window

Attachment 50...
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Class Guide Hello and welcome everyone to Shaikan,the newest AMZ game.
As in every game,the fun part starts with the class selection and i am here to help and guide you;
If there is anything you would like to add please post here,or PM me thanks a lot.

So far Shaikan gives us the possibility to chose betwe...
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Bestiary http://oi68.tinypic.com/2qnno1g.jpg

Welcome all Shaikan players, we hope you are enjoying the game here at AMZ.
Below is a list of all monsters found in the continent of Ivalice.
You will notice information including location, level, HP & items drops.
If there is anything incorrect or anything you...
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Skill Points and Stat Increase When you reach level 20 a Skill points shield will appear and an add will start flashing above your avatar tab.

Attachment 4985

When you press the Skill points shield a new window will open.

Attachment 4986

For every level over level 20 you get 5 potential skill points per level to allocate to t...
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Daily Instance Guide http://oi68.tinypic.com/2qnno1g.jpg

What is Daily Instance?
One of the many features of Shaikan that provides rewards such as experience, shards, gems and even gear!
There are 8 instances in total, each allows you to enter a different location (you alone) to fight a set amount of monsters in succes...
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Enhance Gear Press the gear Tab at the bottom of the page

Attachment 4952

When the tab has been pressed a window will open.
Move the desired piece to be enhanced.

Attachment 4953

At lower levels these are all you will need to improve to level 4.

When you want to go higher than than that you will require an ...
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How to Train your Dragon You find the Dragon Tab at the bottom of the screen

Attachment 4941

When you press that tab, the following screen opens

Attachment 4942

You now have three options available to you. Transform, Upgrade, and Promote.


I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do (Happy Gaming)
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Castle Guide part two upgrading your castle once you have created your castle you can then upgrade it for greater benefits

click on the castle icon to open your castle and click on the upgrade castle button as shown below
Attachment 4949

another window will open showing eight different sections of the castle that are upgradable
Attachment 4...
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Castle Guide part one creating your castle This guide is a quick how to guide to demonstrate how to create your own castle.

Castle becomes available after completing the level 20 main quest "continue investigation"

after completion of that quest this castle icon becomes available in the icons on the bottom right of your screen

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Shaikan Spell Sage Spell Sage

Attachment 3228

She is as beautiful as she is deadly.

Eyes of ice blue, hair of glacial white. She will hold your gaze with her smile as she chills the blood in your veins, encases your heart in ice and freezes your immortal soul until it is like glass then shatter it with a single
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Shaikan Forest Elf Forest elf.

Attachment 3227

They are called the children of the forest . Regarded widely through the land as the most secretive and reclusive of all the races They may appear as young children but that is part of the mystery of the forest for not only are they a great age but they are a...
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Shaikan Blade Master Blade Master

Attachment 3226

Even the master of gladiators is no match for a blade master?..
There are tales of combat about how a blade master has singlehandedly fought entire legions of hardened soldiers and won.
Some say entire armies have fallen to a single blade master in his quest for
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