Shaikan Spell Sage


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Spell Sage

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She is as beautiful as she is deadly.

Eyes of ice blue, hair of glacial white. She will hold your gaze with her smile as she chills the blood in your veins, encases your heart in ice and freezes your immortal soul until it is like glass then shatter it with a single whisper of her voice.

Seeking mastery of the forbidden element of holy frost, the spell sage were exiled and driven from Ivalice for defining all laws and orders not to seek knowledge of such a unpredictable and volatile element.

Driven from our lands, no more was heard about the spell sage until the days of the greatest ice storm ever seen in the deepest south. When the dying breaths of the storm were felt, the spell sages stood strong, wielding the holy frost as a living weapon and swiftly taking control of the deep south as their new home..