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08:50 11/28/2015


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What is Daily Instance?
One of the many features of Shaikan that provides rewards such as experience, shards, gems and even gear!
There are 8 instances in total, each allows you to enter a different location (you alone) to fight a set amount of monsters in succession.
These monsters may provide more experience than regular monsters in the land of Shaikan, but more importantly an easy access to drops.

How do I access Daily Instance?
Found in the top right area left of your mini-map, identified by a scroll with a red band as shown in the image below.

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You will then be shown a series of instances you access, however not all are immediately available, you will need to level up to access higher level instances.

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As you can see, each instance will have "instance order' and "sweeping" above the "enter" button.
The "instance order" shows the requirement to enter each instance, which at this stage is simply 1 per entry/attempt (if you fail, it will still consume the instance order).

How do I obtain Instance Orders?
To obtain instance orders, you will need to either buy them for 20 gold each from the mall, kill world bosses, or obtain them in the instance themselves from any monster (chance).
It may be a good idea to stock up on these if there is ever a sale in the mall!

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What do I do once I enter a Daily Instance?
You will be required to kill a certain amount of monsters, the specifics are unique to each of the 8 instances.
Details can be found on the right of your screen under your map as seen below:

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You can see here that I am required to kill 8 in total, and have already killed 3. It also shows how long I have until I fail the mission if all 8 are not killed (29:44 left).
The 5/6 figure is simply how many more times I can attempt this instance per day.

After you beat all the enemies, you will typically face a boss. Once you defeat the boss, you will be presented with the rewards screen as shown below:

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You will be ranked based on how long you took to complete the instance, and receive experience accordingly. Similarly, you get to pick 1 of 10 prizes. The top 5 are free, the bottom 5 options cost 10 gold, however will provide much better rewards.
There is still an element of chance involved, so good luck!

What rewards can I get?
As shown below, if you click a specific instance, in this case "Deity Ruins", you will be provided a list of potential basic drops (gems, shards) in the bottom right.
On top of this, you can also get equipment drops. Instances are a great source of unique (blue name) drops, and sometimes you won't need to look elsewhere at all for drops until levels 60+ (very late game).

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This seems very tedious, is there a trick to making it faster?
You have the ability to pay a small fee to double the experience earned, but more importantly, you can spend a slightly larger fortune to INSTANTLY complete the instance, earning experience and basic rewards.
You will not earn any equipment this way however, so choose wisely!
You must complete the instance manually by hand first, so you cannot simply blitz every instance at level 1 and cheat your way through unfortunately

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Final Thoughts
Overall Daily Instance is extremely worth it, and you should strive to do all daily, and manually if possible to get great gear!
Save blitz for lower level instances you don't need gear from, but always complete the higher level ones manually if you need better gear.