Castle Guide part one creating your castle


18:16 11/27/2015

gm fauna

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This guide is a quick how to guide to demonstrate how to create your own castle.

Castle becomes available after completing the level 20 main quest "continue investigation"

after completion of that quest this castle icon becomes available in the icons on the bottom right of your screen

Attachment 4908

when you click this icon the castle panel will open and if this your first time opening castle or you havent yet joined or created a castle the following window will appear

Attachment 4909

once you open the panel you have three options. you can click the apply button and join an existing castle of your choice

Attachment 4910

you can click quick join and the system will find a random guild with auto accept activated and add you to a castle

Attachment 4911

or you can create a new castle

Attachment 4912

when you click create the following panel will open and show you what the requirements are to create a castle as you can see in the screen shot you need to be level 25 or higher, have 200,000 copper and not be a member of another castle

Attachment 4925

once you have fulfilled the requirements to create a castle enter the name you wish to call your castle
Attachment 4927

you can also enter a castle aim but this is optional you can leave it blank if you wish
Attachment 4928

when you are creating your castle you also have the option of creating an advanced castle by ticking the box shown in the screen shot below however in order to do so you need to have at least one castle build order in your bag
Attachment 4929
castle build orders can be purchased from the mall or by clicking the buy now button beside the adv.castle option

you can also choose the badge your castle displays by pressing the arrows beside choose badge

now just click create and your castle is ready to be upgraded