Felspire 3.0 update patch notes

------------What’s New

1. Mount Gear Soul Gathering

- Available at [R]Lv 401.

- Mount Gear Soul tab has been added to the Soul Gathering interface. Use Sacred Stones to gather souls for your mount gear.

- Can boost ATK, DEF and HP of your mount g

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Felspire instructor Applications

Dear Heroes,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.


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Class Card

Class Card

- Use to enter the Change Class interface and to select the class you want to change into. Click Confirm and refresh the game page to change your class to the new one.

- Requirements:  

1)Reached [R]Lvl 350. You can’t change your class to the

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Maintenance are we having a maintenance now? 4 year ago
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mercenry Can i reset my mercenery stats wits stats scroll reset at mall??? 5 year ago Last Post by Anonymous27041264(4 year ago)
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Because I did not receive any gift of attendance from the fo

Because I did not receive any gift of attendance from the forum tricks and treats event?


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Perk Calculator Hey, folks. I made a perk calculator! It currently supports only saints as that's the only class I have reborn, but it seems to be the first of its kind and you can find it here [picture] You can also export your builds, e.g. this is what I'm aiming for before 2nd rebirth.

Archer and Mage perks are...
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New LD NM Setup - After Recent Patches - 7.8.16 As many of you have already noticed, and some have mentioned in the forums, it appears that every new patch put out for Felspire makes LD NM harder & harder to win at. This is especially the case when trying to do it solo. Of course AMZ staff do not have information on this, and it's never mention... 6 year ago
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Black screen issue Hi, guys,
If you get the black screen at the first loading when you play new server, please clear your browsing data. [picture]
If you get Unable to resolve the server's DNS address,please change the DNS address to and,and then clear the cache of DNS。

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Build archer help me. How to make a full archer int?
Where to get the summons skills, which items are the most appropriate to use a short tutorial where leveling and the best way to use this char for support.
Plis help me! [picture]
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How to recharge in philippines the easiest way without using applicable only on phone and tablet
1.download in google play paymaya
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Promo codes offered on Felspire.weebly If you go to the site and put in your email and login, then you may lose your AMZ account or Facebook account.

AMZGame is not responsible for cleaning up the mess caused to players accounts when they put in their details into fake sites that steal your login information.

Please be honest if y...
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free items from the game as you level up and come up higher and higher levels the game gives you free refine stones, pet pills and mount pills to get you started and see you right through to around 240-260 levels, i was wondering what level is it exactly that the game stops giving you all that free stuff??? 6 year ago
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