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Class Card

- Use to enter the Change Class interface and to select the class you want to change into. Click Confirm and refresh the game page to change your class to the new one.

- Requirements:  

1)Reached [R]Lvl 350. You can’t change your class to the same one as your original one.

2) You will have to complete the Lvl 140 main quest. Use the card “only” inside  “Storm City”. 

3)There would be a prompt before continuing the convertion process. (1. that only the divine weapon and the wing can be converted. 2. players need to equip the divine weapon and the wing they wanted to convert).

4) Please use the class card only when you are sure to change your class. 


-After changing your class, following changes will be brought about:
1) Your class will be changed to the new one.
2) Perk points will be reset.
3) Will automatically acquire the skills of the new class (except [2nd R] skills)
4) Stat points will be recalculated/resetted.

5) only divine weapons and wings can be converted without loss. (other items will not get converted)

- Equip the divine weapon and the wing if you want them converted to different class.

- Obtainable:Killing bosses in Land of Peace and Land of Illusion




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hi amz,

i have question about class card.

if we have 2 class card, and we want to try to play another class like i am an archer, then i want to try to play a saint, then i will use class card. and my question is, is that possible, if i am not enjoying with a saint, i can change class back to an archer?

Thank You.

  • Anonymous27024820 Yes you can

    04/24/2017 21:09