New LD NM Setup - After Recent Patches - 7.8.16


10:54 07/08/2016

Cang Tong

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As many of you have already noticed, and some have mentioned in the forums, it appears that every new patch put out for Felspire makes LD NM harder & harder to win at. This is especially the case when trying to do it solo. Of course AMZ staff do not have information on this, and it's never mentioned in any of the release notes for the patches

Over the last couple weekends I've tested out most of the LD NM setups that were previously posted on the forum, and tried a few tweaks of my own as well. Most of the previous posts (even some that say, "100% guaranteed LD NM win!!") do not work anymore.

In general, it's currently very hard to win LD NM solo now, but still possible. To make this easier, you're going to want to go as a team, even if it's just with 2 people. The more people you get, the easier this will be. You can use the following strategy to barely win solo, or it will work as a team as well. I haven't tested this with a full 4 person team, but you might even be able to not use all BD silver attempts and still win, if you have a full 4 person team all doing this same strategy. If that is the case, just build as much of this setup as you can with only 3/4 BD silver attempts. Probably, don't build the last two knights, and don't max out the last int mage & bear.

If you're using this setup for solo, you will need to use all 4/4 BD silver attempts (takes 300 BD per run, but you get back 200 BD for winning). Start by building the first 6 towers (3 top & 3 bottom) and max those out. Then build the next 6 towers (3 top & 3 bottom) and max out their levels too. Only build the 2 int knights at the end within round 20. This strategy only barely wins, getting up to 37-38/40 monsters, but I've won with it for the last 4-5 attempts I've tried.

The trick with this setup is making sure you get the first couple towers in the exact correct places, so that your int archers will boost all towers, except the last 2 int knights. I start with the int mage at the top, putting it as high up as possible, and its back end just on top of the 2nd divider line. Then for the dragon below that, put its front side just on top of the 1st divider line. Once you have those two in the right places, just place all others touching right after them. Take your time with placing those front two towers. Even if you miss the first 1-2 waves, you'll kill them easy when they come back around. Good luck!

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