Conquest Matchmaking What the HELL is wrong with the matchmaking for Conquest. one side full of 10 to 12M BR people and the other same just one of them is 200M BR ???? Are you KIDDING me???? 7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31966051(6 months ago)
DeeperThanU 9 2057 Anonymous31966051 08/08/2023 00:27
fused rune how about adding fused rune rebirth or fused rune fusion ? 7 year ago Last Post by Demi(7 year ago)
Anonymous27252884 8 1462 Demi 02/14/2017 22:06
Domination Cant we incrase bet and recieve-gaining amount or bet times ? like having 6x chances to bet instead of 3x at first rounds ? that would be 4 times or 100 diamong instead of 80  7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31885561(4 year ago)
Anonymous27246754 1 1158 Anonymous31885561 01/31/2020 04:10
australia moblie payment can you add telstra to it i cant use my card on it dont be lazy  7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31981379(1 months ago)
Anonymous27274940 7 1115 Anonymous31981379 02/01/2024 07:32
Cross Kingdom Hero Convert

So I am guessing that I am not the only person who decides to go with a different Hero in the middle of leveling up for xyz reasons...

What I did notice is that we can reuse these legendary heroes in the Hero Convert tab in the recycle feature but that is only LIMITED to the heroes w

7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31885563(4 year ago)
anonymous10264685 9 1637 Anonymous31885563 02/05/2020 05:50
christmas event plsss pls give a christmas event
7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous27364422(7 year ago)
Anonymous27242720 1 1074 Anonymous27364422 12/12/2016 23:12
Events attempts and opened time

What do u think about degrease attempts and increase times when Events are opened?

 Example. Fairylands now has 5+ attempts and 4 times opened. Make 1-2 attempts and 6-8 times opened. It makes more ppl to get rewards not only top 1-2 ppl a day but 6-8 ppl a day. Now 1-2

7 year ago
anonymous11108705 0 795
please open new -east sever its no fun going up against players in the x-sever u know u cant beat or in arna so please open a new sever 7 year ago Last Post by Van(7 year ago)
anonymous11017878 1 1016 Van 11/22/2016 13:40
AMZ developer Should consider OCEANIC REGION it might be early for me to say this since amz hasnt been long in releasing LOA2 unlike GTarcade.

But you guys really have to be fair to all players on a global scale. not all of us are from US or Europe.
We cant attend every event because of our different time zone. 

Please open up an o
7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Tri 2 1251 Kitwritten 11/22/2016 23:50
Suggestion next patch - About - Pk / Selfishplayers in my server have two selfish players, they play together and alone making pk in everyone, stealing boss from everyone, Why this game Don't have two channels? like many games, One channel = PVP online , other channel = PVP Off, so like that everyone can be happy,because selfish players like that, th... 7 year ago
Anonymous27202724 0 898
Music in game  GM make new music in game , this sounds like in funeral.!! 7 year ago Last Post by blanx89(7 year ago)
anonymous10334707 3 1024 blanx89 11/17/2016 02:39
League Of Angels 2

Hi guys. I don't really know who to contact or the process so i am just gonna leave my thoughts here. First time doing this kinda thing.

The limit on the honor shop in honor shop is 5000 for honor points. daily. Now the maximum limit on the daily shards buy is 10 which means you need to spe

7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31624668(5 year ago)
Anonymous27225112 1 1332 Anonymous31624668 11/06/2018 01:03
Option to turn of reminders please? if possible just maybe something you guys could add in the future please? to turn of reminders for when you get new armor and stuff.  7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31887887(2 year ago)
Anonymous27225426 30 2622 Anonymous31887887 06/14/2021 01:48
BECOME VET SIR CAN I ASK TO BE A VET  7 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 year ago)
Anonymous20924270 2 1061 Kitwritten 11/11/2016 04:19
Option to turn timer for dialog off Is it possible we could get a option for this please? i like to enjoy the dialog but some times there is so much and im a slow reader so before i can finish reading it switches to next part.  7 year ago
Anonymous27225426 0 828

I am suggesting that there will be events to collect shards of LYCORAX and synthesize it to LYCORAX SEAL to get LYCORAX mount not just by getting it via Recharge so that free users can get it and to get the Cerberus Mount in X-server shop additionally after.


7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31931647(1 year ago)
anonymous10958192 9 2788 Anonymous31931647 04/01/2022 16:50