Events attempts and opened time


14:37 11/22/2016


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What do u think about degrease attempts and increase times when Events are opened?

 Example. Fairylands now has 5+ attempts and 4 times opened. Make 1-2 attempts and 6-8 times opened. It makes more ppl to get rewards not only top 1-2 ppl a day but 6-8 ppl a day. Now 1-2 ppl get all rewards a day on whole server from fairylands and anothers dont get there at all bc all bosses always are dead by top 1-2 players. Thats why many ppl are not interested in this game and leave whithout any chance to get reward(advancement of character) from events and game is dieing slowly.PvP oriented zone occupied by 1-2 top players of server. But on the server there more than 2 top ppl play as you know. Dont say that ordinary players need to make pvp  against top players for the events rewards bc its impossible.