AMZ developer Should consider OCEANIC REGION


15:32 11/20/2016


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it might be early for me to say this since amz hasnt been long in releasing LOA2 unlike GTarcade.

But you guys really have to be fair to all players on a global scale. not all of us are from US or Europe.
We cant attend every event because of our different time zone. 

Please open up an oceanic server to serve those that live under that timezone so we could reschedule our time between Life and LOA2.

It Is very important.




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same thread requesting new server. mine ignored?

so you dont want asian money? asians arent allowed to become vip? must we follow white people all the way?




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The issue comes down to the servers, Oceanic servers are used by AMZ but GTA use SEA servers.

We are waiting for a devs decision regardingg oceanic/sea servers. The main issue is that oceanic servers may not be compatible with sea servers in cross server events and thats no good to oceanic and asian players.

We do have new servers coming but currently do not have details

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