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{resolved} NO NPC

cant find the npc in the game martin..i love to play this game ...

pls help me for this issue..

its always say click to believer martin but martin didnt show in the map,...

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List of Bugs / Bug Progress Thread Hi all,

We've decided to compile a list of bugs we have found (Shaikan staff) but also with the great help of our beta testers, you, the community.
I'm listing them here so we all know what has been made aware of, and how they've being addressed. Ideally this will save time re-reporting issues and ...
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How to add a screenshot to forums The screenshot will need to be added to a image or file hosting site then a link to the screenshot will need to be added to the forum.

A screenshot needs to be clear enough for the staff to check and read.


How to ad...
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Open Beta Shaikan Bug rewards Open Beta Shaikan has launched

We are aware of the presence of bugs and glitches in the game. So we would like players to report them please

We will collect names of players so we can give them a reward for proven bugs ( Shaikan test team and devs will confirm bugs )

1) Bugs need a screenshot whe...
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Reporting Bugs and issues We have a system that we use with bug reports, to reduce the amount of time it can take to address a bug or issue. This is to ensure that we can deal with bug and issue reports quickly and effectively.

Payment & recharge problems are dealt with via the ticket system. Do not post screenshots of your...
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