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02:36 12/26/2015


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Hi all,

We've decided to compile a list of bugs we have found (Shaikan staff) but also with the great help of our beta testers, you, the community.
I'm listing them here so we all know what has been made aware of, and how they've being addressed. Ideally this will save time re-reporting issues and clogging up the work we / the developers are doing, and will save you time as well.

Please continue to post new threads for new bugs. We appreciate your patience with the game, and we hope you understand the game is still in Beta phase, and is only opened to allow you to get a taste of much stabler days to come, but also to help us build the game together with you!

Remember to read this before reporting bugs ---> REPORTING BUGS CORRECTLY

In progress

Lag / constant disconnecting
Kitwritten has worked out that allowing your computer to store more data from Shaikan, it will generally run a lot smoother.
A simple guide can be found here.

Unable to load at all
Kitwritten has made a fantastic suggestion which has personally worked for me, I recommend you all click here whilst a permanent solution is introduced to save you all the hassle, but it really is quite simple in the meantime!

Killing causes dc
Killing another player in PVP will cause the victor, i.e. he or she who doesn't die to disconnect from the game.

Elite purify stone fails to work
Attempting to use an elite purify stone in the pray tab of the castle will use only gold and not your stone. You also have a small chance of not being able to use either.
The other 2 stones will function as normal.

Castle members not displaying correctly
The amount of castle members will not display correctly sometimes and may cause the castle to function oddly.
Sometimes your castle may display 1 member too many, this may be a visual glitch, or potentially an extra member all together.

Detsch cycle quest teleporting you to quest receiver
It has been noted that clicking the Detsch cycle will teleport you to the quest receiver instead of where you need to turn it in.

*?@)\\\"%' are considered illegal characters <-- not a bug... but odd
Attempting to use quotation marks in mail results in being unable to send mail, and displays the above message.
This has been brought up and it not a bug, however this feature may change in the future.

Branch request requesting lv.40 relic combine
There is no lv.40 relic currently, but rather lv.1, lv. 50 & lv.60

Class specific items not having the right stats
One example being archer armour will provide M.ATK, where only P.ATK is useful.

No text given that dragon promote progress resets daily
This is not a bug, but it has been brought to our attention that there is no text to advise the player that your dragon mount progress resets daily.
This will be addressed either via removing the reset, or by text being added to the game to make the player aware.

Guild leader deposit item disappearing completely
When a guild leader deposits an item, it disappears completely (fails to store, and is removed from inventory as well)

Text "pushed down" after 10-15 messages exchanged via PM chat window
When two users exchange x amount of PMs (unsure if precise number), the bottom line will be cut off, and unseen until a NEW message is sent.

Game extremely slow in Clan gathering / freezes completely upon kill
Some reports that the game freezes when boss is killed, however this is only for some users.
Other reports that it is slower in gathering zone when compared to other parts of game.

Quest items not being able to remove
When collecting quest items, e.g. 3/3 flowers, a 4th or 5th will gather, quest items will not sell or drop (nor via drag and drop out of inventory window).
This may be caused due to lag whilst gathering.
A hotfix is to find the appropriate sidequest to consume the quest items, however this may not work with all excess quest items.

Antonio's Problem - Chinese Characters
Chinese characters instead of English.
Bug report.

Chat disappears upon teleporting
Requiring re-opening of chat.

When you close chat and re-open it, history is not there
History of chat will disappear until user PM's again

Combining jewels not updated until you close window
One user reports jewels not showing until combine window opened and closed however I personally don't experience this issue.

Build bosses not summoning at all, or summoning the wrong boss
The summon button will fail, or summon a different boss.

Split item not working
Unable to split items from inventory


Text not being readable particularly around character names
Random unknown characters replaced character names in multiple browsers, but mainly IE/Edge, this has been fixed.

Mount upgrade rewards not being claimable
Originally you were not able to claim rewards for leveling your dragon, this has been fixed.

Leaderboards flooded with accounts used in earlier testing phases by GMs
The first week of Shaikan had the leaderboards filled with level 80s and other psuedo achievements.
These accounts were used by the staff here to test the game, they have now been removed, and most leaderboards are lead by players now.




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You must have to share the list of bugs with us for a non-regime reason. This will help us to remove the bugs from our systems to avoid inconvenience as most of the time people would like to give same reasoning on it for sharing bugs list.