Need Warrior Advice (Plz Include cash shop items)

Looking for a skill build for warriors

Need to include important cash shop purchases

Looking for guide for gems upgrades and everything in between.

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Merry Christmas, God Jul, Frohe Weihnachten, Hyvää Joulua

It's Christmas time and what is better than to share it with friends and family. I wish my CoA friends a Merry Christmas and rephrased a christmas carol so it match someone I think we all know by now.

Melody: Santa Claus is coming to town

You better get on

You better not

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Hi :rolleyes: hello s22 Monkey Maze who's still up there? [picture] 7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31947451(2 months ago)
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funny story that I will give more flavor afterward The following statement is made by some guy in 4chan, so they will be in message form

Oniyama: It was a rainy day in summer

Oniyama: no, not rainy, in fact, it was pretty damn sunny

Oniyama: Yeah, on a sunny day in summer I was going back from school

Blarglesnorf: Hogwarts

Oniyama: I was nonch...
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The journey Looking across the top of her drink Tranquillity stared at the rest of the tavern, looking out for anyone who could help her..... Then she saw him the one with the sad grey eyes sitting in the corner, almost as if hypnotised she found herself unable to break eye contact, it was as if he was judgin... 7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31926741(10 months ago)
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CoA Role Play rules With a face that is worn with age and weather, hair the color of tarnished silver, the bar keep leans on the solid wood, casting his gaze out across the room. His voice rumbles deeply.

Hear ye all with ye ears, this is the tavern for all ye banter, tomfoolery and gossip. Please ye be mindful tho, t...
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Epic Escort Story Tale Attachment 10389

1. Replies must follow the CoA Tavern rules.
2. PG 13 clean content additions to the story with reply. This means no violence, profanity or adult situations.
3. Maximum post content, 2 paragraphs without an ending. No doub
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