funny story that I will give more flavor afterward


16:13 06/13/2016


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The following statement is made by some guy in 4chan, so they will be in message form

Oniyama: It was a rainy day in summer

Oniyama: no, not rainy, in fact, it was pretty damn sunny

Oniyama: Yeah, on a sunny day in summer I was going back from school

Blarglesnorf: Hogwarts

Oniyama: I was nonchalantly walking toward home with a magic thingy in hand

Oniyama: When suddenly, a guy hopped into the road

Blarglesnorf: And then a giant god called Dolos whisked him away to a distant planet

Blarglesnorf: lol

Oniyama: He stared at me with a Luigi type of death gaze

Blarglesnorf: lol, Luigi

Oniyama: I was like what the lollollollol is this guy

Oniyama: I tried ignoring him and going on my way

Oniyama: But the guy wasn't ready to let me go

Oniyama: He continued staring at me with his death Luigi gaze

Oniyama: I stared at him back

Oniyama: I am no pussy, not only him knows how to do a death Luigi stare

Blarglesnorf: @Oniyama: I am no pussy Meow

Oniyama: I stared at him, and he stared at me

Oniyama: We were in a standoff, a death Luigi gaze standoff

ManicDesign: btw is eyeball still alive, I want him to send me his fic

Oniyama: Then, he did something that I never expected

Oniyama: until this day, the same words still resonant in my head

Oniyama: "What the lollollollol is that?!!"

Blarglesnorf: "I am your father"

ManicDesign: what?

Oniyama: He took out one potato, no, two potatoes, and he ran toward me

ManicDesign: woah

ManicDesign: this is getting intense, two potatoes

Blarglesnorf: Potatoes?

Oniyama: In the whole fight, I just thought the same thing

Oniyama: "What the lollollollol is going on?!! Did he just pull out a potato, no, two potatoes?!!!"

Oniyama: It goddamn hurts a potato

ManicDesign: XD that is so funny

Oniyama: You ever tried hitting urself with it

ManicDesign: yes, a potato does hurt

Oniyama: And then, I came back home with bruises covering my whole body

Blarglesnorf: A lunatic running around with potatoes

Oniyama: And my magician of a mother told me "Who did this to you, you are a great mage, how did you get so beaten?!!"

Blarglesnorf: Did you tell the lunatic asylum that one of their inmates escaped?

Oniyama: My answer was short

Oniyama: "Two potatoes"

Blarglesnorf: lol

Oniyama: Fear the potatoes




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