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Guild Guide

You can join guild at level 25 (hotkey G)

1) You can check all the guilds and their details in here.

You can only apply to a guild that has a space for you, if it's full you can’t apply.  Once you apply you must either wait to be accepted in or you may be auto accepted depending on the guilds individual settings , Also you can create new guild , you need 1 diamond and 100k gold .

2) You can check your guild’s information and join the activities of guild: Guild Quest(level 31), Sacred Tree Watering, Guild Chest and Guild Boss(, all the activities can bring you wonderful rewards.

3) You will get Guild Contribution, Guild Wealth and Sacred Tree Aura form watering.

Guild Contribution :

To earn points do guild quests, water tree, take part in siege or donate gold to guild.

You can purchase items in Guild Shop by spending Guild Contribution points.

To do so you total contribution must match the red writing in each box to unlock it and be able to purchase the item, even if you have enough points to purchase but your total contribution has not reached the required amount.

Should you choose to swap guilds, any unspent contribution will go with you but again your total contribution in the new league must meet the required amount, as this will reset back to zero

Guild Wealth :

Guild Wealth is used to upgrade your guild’s level.  The leader or deputies can upgrade the guild if there is sufficient wealth available

Aura :

Aura is used to upgrade your Guild Sacred Tree’s level.

This will auto upgrade as it completes each level

5) Any guild member meets the requirement, all guild member can collect Treasure Chest Rewards.
You earn a chest by completing all guild quests daily, and earn more chest for every member that completed their guild quests daily.  Plus you have the chance to earn higher level chests depending on an individual member's gold spend from reset to reset, 1 for each 2000 diamonds and a special gold chest should you or another member spend 10,000 diamonds

6) From member panel you can kick/promote members.

7) All guild members with lvl 35 and above can join siege (

Guild Ranking :

Guild ranking is based on several things in a strict order, firstly level of guild, secondly level of tree, thirdly total battle rating of all member whether active or inactive.  The guild is placed in ranking using these highest first.

Inactive guild leaders :

The system will auto remove a guild leader and give guild to next highest contribution member once the guild leader has been offline for 7 days.

If there is a  deputy, and is active, he will assume the inactive leaders position after 5 days.

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