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23:57 05/25/2018


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This is the final update before launch on the 29th of may.

Guild system: That is coming in the first version update. The decision is that we are going to go with cross server guilds. This means that players from other servers can join guilds on other servers.

This decision was made on the grounds that single server guild systems often favour the top guild which normally has the majority of cashers and therefore an advantage in guild events.

Also the requests from players to transfer servers to play with friends is a factor.

We are looking at limiting guild numbers to about 10 players per guild. This is a unusual step but its based on the idea that in many guilds in games, its not uncommon to see guilds with 50 players but in guild events, only 20 of them are active but the whole guild benefits from events.

Another reason is the plan for the guild shop that would allow players to buy in game vip items using guild credits. We feel its fairer on players  if they are active in guild events, to not see 2/3s of the guild benefit from their hard work in guild events. This is something I have seen in many games where players that are online and active, do not bother with guild events or helping their guild but are the first to claim guild event rewards.

smaller guild numbers also support the in game team system which is max of 3 per dungeon so with guilds with 10 members, that theme is continued.

Trade and auction. Again we are not having them in the game despite one player predicting the downfall of RoG because we will not allow players to trade items. My answer is the same as it was in the game.

I spent 3 days trying to talk with you, help you with your character, even running dungeons with you and you ignoring my instructions to stop behind me and not rush the elite hellhounds as they would kill you because you were level 40 with level 10 gear.

RoG is a game where players can solo or run on teams, and yes there is times I wanted to share good items I gained but had no use I wanted to drop them and allow other players to pick them up because I was not interest in self gain ...... but as a former RS player, I know how that system was regularly abused.

Even in AMZ, I fired and banned my own GMs for using the felspire trade system to trade items for real life cash.

I get that players like to share, trade and help other players, including friends..... I do myself. but sadly I am realistic as I have worked on one game where I was banning 1000's of accounts for funding their mains and no it has nothing to do with inability to recharge, as players could buy vip items in the game with gold.

In this thread, I have shown what is possible as a free player without recharging and how I did it

That was done on the open test server, OB1, and while yes, I had the time to do that, other players were equally as strong, if not stronger, only playing 4 days a week for 6 hours a day.

Learn to play the game, ask for help, ask questions, become like me..... because like any player, I had to learn the game myself and while players may argue I had an advantage because I knew the game, I was not born with full knowledge of the game, I had to learn and make mistakes myself.

ON to better news.

We have added the full screen mode as requested, auto potion use as requested, rename character button as requested, we have also added a auto name system on the start screen but players can create their own name or rename in the game.

While I have doubts about that, as players will use offensive names, the majority of players are there to play the game and have fun.

This panel can be found by clicking on the cog at the top right of the game screen

Arena : there was a complaint that it was unbalanced because a player with 20k beat me and I was 62k in the arena..... NO it was not unbalanced, I let you beat me because as I showed you, I had my skills set for dungeon farming, as soon as I changed them to arena, you failed to beat me, 10 times in a row.

The arena gave you the advantage because defenders do not move around the arena, your mistake was trying to use frost ray on me, that trick only works if you are a defender, not an attacker.

Remember the player that removed all their skills except for one in the arena, so they could not be beaten ? I beat them and then I told the players how I beat them..... I simply used manual combat and did not charge into them, I moved around them and hit them with chained lightning as I moved... and then I told players my weakness was that I relied on auto aim skills like chained lightning however I had low elemental resist which meant skills like ice lance hurt me badly..... yet you used frost ray instead which is manually aimed and has a shorter range.

The arena is designed so that players can no dominate in the arena, they have to be active in order to keep their ranking, which is fair on other players and gives any player the chance to get top ranking even with a low BR...




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Thanks for the updates while the game is down with last minute preparations for the official launch. Admittedly I am still hoping for the combat worthy change log I mentioned in WC on at least one of my accounts in this round of testing. 

In regards to a couple things in the above post, I have a few outside suggestions.

On the guild number still in fluctuation I'd say 12, or maybe 6 to start, with a single costly(by time) upgrade to 12. This allows the closest numeral to 10 that can give both even duo or trio numbers, and still falls within the range that with any half decent launch numbers is 0 excuse to not have full pairings for those that want/need them on a regularly scheduled daily basis. At least within the top x number of guilds.

I do wonder about the reasoning for cross right out of the gate though. Don't get me wrong, in some ways; particularly non first server release to a time-zone inevitable activity die off, I think it's a great idea. On the other hand, eluding to it possibly breaking up the typical top players gathering in top guild, resulted in a small chuckle. This being for the fact unless how cross plays out has really changed from the twin CBT servers, then what's more likely to eventually happen as a result of this are a few "super" guilds, containing the top or approximate tops from x amount of servers. Not that i mind either way, but just don't be surprised if the gap is actually hastened by doing so. 

Also I wanted to put forth for consideration a swap in one of the current team drop collection methods. After seeing first hand how one sided round robin can be at times, and coupling that with as you so stated above having time you might want to give x item to another, I'd suggest a choice to roll per item. This means a manually clicked roll for each item amongst those who choose to roll for it. The item has it's own box with a hover-over breakdown, and the roll does not start until all that would be effected at the time of pick-up have rolled or chosen to pass on doing so. This of course would exclude any form of party withdrawal/kicking to not possibly lock-up the system. While I believe you are familiar with it, I am suggestion the mechanic to essentially work how it did in Broken Realm. Apart from the differences of as mentioned waiting to roll instead of a timer, and also to only have 1 pick-up roll decision on screen at a time. 




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OB1 was opened for a short time to test the advertising server and FB app login, we can not do that on the dev server as its a isolated server on a different host server but the dev server was ghosted and used as the OB1 server.....

according to the payment logs, there was attempted recharges on the server but no successful recharging. I see 3 individual accounts tried to recharge, 2 using paymentwall and paymentship and one using FB recharging

Events and server will be reset and redated at OB 1 launch, there is 4 pages of events, about half of them run in the first week...... we created the events and tested them a few weeks ago....which is why you are seeing the date you are.... again it has to do with ghosting the dev server to use as a OB1 server

Lucky for the players and unfortunately for the GMs, OB1 server will be a new non dev server so no dev tools for the GMs to use... which is not a bad thing, leveling from 1 -100 on a new char in a couple of minutes, takes the fun out of playing ado stunt cars 2 online.

I believe there is a bug with the arena.... there are still a few bugs that need to be fixed, some may not be fixed until the first version update as thats planned to change some things in the game and its easier to ignore the bugs and replace the system than fix the bugs....sounds wrong I know but its a question of time available and work to be completed.

so the focus has been on operational and bug play bugs after than appearance, and 99% of appearance bugs are fixed
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