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Ok now I have been playing ROG OB S1 server as a free player and have excelled in the server... but how did I do it.?? well saying that I have secrets is actually misleading


Now I am experienced with the game and thats what has given me the edge, as well as time, a lot of time

1/ crusades give exp and items. Crusades are found by going to the princess in the town. From there I got resource tickets and diamond mine tickets. I used the diamond mine tickets to get diamonds, a lot of diamonds, 3k+ of diamonds... and remember I am a free player, no vip. I brought socketing rods, and only extra sets of the first set of wings, the reason is cost, I get 3.5 sets of wings for the cost of what players pay for the second set of wings. then each day I got the first gem chest which cost me 999 diamonds and give me a random level 2 and 3 gem as well as socketing rods

2/ WB Bosses, yes I hit them a lot but they are not actually that good, they are a source of items I can dismantle and occasionally they give good items...... just not the ones I always want. but any items have uses

3/ now I farmed dungeons, ones like dungeon 17 elite, which has a good gem drop rate and skill drop rate. while I hit higher level dungeons as I leveled, it was for EXP and chests but it can also drop very good level 30 mythic equipment... not bad for a level 22 dungeon

I do short dungeons because they are faster to run and give the most time vs effort result

4/ I soloed most dungeons for maximum benefit and drops but also to level up skills with exp and skill books.

5/ I have two average thrall one is epic purple, the second is blue, now I got the epic to level 5, needing items to get to level 6 and unlock the 3rd passive. so hitting that point, I out all resources into my blue thrall, and the reason for that is the 2nd thrall slot is unlocked at level 50 so I already have a second thrall ready to go. so I will not need to be to concerned about a team as the thrall can be better than other players.

6/ I watched the black market in the mall, I got my first  3 green skill books for gold, I crafted 11 of 13 green skill books using resources, my first knight level item came from a chest, clearing the level 38 first dungeon, those items normally drop in elite and insane dungeons

7/ I use more than one set of weapons and skills, Hammer and shield, dual hammers and 2 handed staff. I use frost hammer, critical fury, chained lightening, arc lightning, storm shield, ice lance and shattering strike strike skills with a mixture of elemental, slow time and cool down reduction runes

8/ most importantly, I increased my storage chest in town as I store a lot of resources and spare items. not doing that is going to hurt players a lot. I used most of my daily free diamonds to increase it as needed... and I used the free inventory chests as I leveled up... the more inventory I have, the more I can carry while doing repeated dungeon runs.

9/ if it was not needed, it gets dismantled, I make a few 100 diamonds a day doing that.

Now that OBs1 has closed. I will update on how I got on with a free character.

I need to point out that I was playing for 14 to 16 hours a day, most of that time was farming dungeons BUT the server did not have the majority of events open.

My diamond income came from cross server diamond mines, arena rankings, dungeon clearing.....

I got 3 sets of wings, one was free, the second cost me 1999 diamonds and the third was gained for spending 12k diamonds in the game, free diamonds gained in the game were spent to get those wings.

Now the char BR is 33994 while the total BR including thrall, thrall skills, gems etc gives me 66k BR yet I could stil lose in the arena to a player with 20kBR, that was not a bug, unbalanced and the arena was not broken, the arena gave the advantage to the attacker.....which in my eyes, was really good... and yes I told the player how to beat me and why they could beat me....

Now rather than just use the same skills all the way through, I actually swapped out skills and changed around runes to best effect in the dungeons as each dungeon is different and a range of skills and runes is better

This is some of the back up runes I kept in my inventory

Now I picked up a number of thrall in dungeons, as did other players, including mythic quality thrall.... now make no mistake, yellow / mythic is best quality but by no means does it mean its the best thrall.... only boss thrall give a character skill and my goatram was not as good as my epic/ purple skele.

I did have back up weapons, skills and runes, the weapons were so I could swap between 2 handed staff, sword and shield, hammer and sheild and also when I got thrall, I could outfit them immediately.

Lastly talents. this is the final look of my talents, I actually reset them 3 times to adapt as I leveled up..... I did not intend to use the final ring until I was level 55... the exception was poison as that was a damage I used regularly.....

So there we go... I have a visual record of my testing as a free player on a server with free players, I was only the top player on the server because of time in game as other players have a life outside of the game.... and this was by no means to say see, a free player can dominate on a server, it was to show what is possible on a free character.

Other players have built superior characters using their own gaming experiences and I dare say if they had the same amount of time as I did, they would have outdone me.....

RoG is a game that requires a willingness to learn, adapt, change.... and the understanding that each dungeon is different..... if players are going to use the argument that cashers will have the advantages in the game, then that thinking will influence their game play......most dungeons may require a team of players with different skills and damage..... and trust me, as a cashing player on dev server, I have lost in dungeons, that were cleared easily by 2 free players......

Let the game bring out the best in you, do not let other players cashing bring out the worst in you. VIP increases drop rates in dungeons so running with VIP players can be in your benefit......and running dungeons solo is very difficult in insane mode.... so be careful who you insult for cashing as they could be the team member that you need to help you clear insane mode dungeons

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gem drop? wheres gem drop? this thread is misleading none of this rely on my experience 




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The game was changed AFTER this was written. It is now not possible to write the same type of guide for ROG as we have 9 servers and they are not all identical servers, there is minor differences in each one that would affect the written of any in depth guides