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what are they? and what do they do?

Phantoms are a carbon copy of your highest general in battle, An npc so to speak.

if you want a certain general to be a phantom then only take that general into battle.

Phantoms are very useful in blocking the enemy in fq's(faction quests).

they give exp and gold just like the general would.

If you want to level up a certain general then dropping a bunch of phantoms is very useful for this purpose

phantoms may also be referred to or abbreviated to phants.

you can save up to 30 free phantoms. After that the game won't let you accept anymore free(unless you have got maximum alchemy then you can hold up to 60 free phants). Only time it goes above 30 is when we have events that give away phantoms.

how can i get phantoms? and what do they cost?

you can aquire phantoms after researching mysterious warlock. mysterious warlock will appear on the map. getting the phantoms from the mysterious warlock costs 20k wood per phantom so for example if he appears and has x2 there you will get 2 phantoms but it will cost you 40k wood.

you can also acquire phantoms from the palace, each palace house offers different amounts of phantoms per hour.
example the king gets 1/1 phantoms this means he gets 1 phantom per hour.

phants can also be acquired in the alchemy the cost to get them is 15k wood per phant.

finally you can also use phantoms in battle for a cost of 20 diamonds per phantom.

how do i locate/see how many phantoms i have ?

if you join a battle it will display them at the bottom center if you dont have any it will just show a diamond symbol with 20. if you press it then it will cost you diamonds.




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