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13:05 05/30/2015


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WHAT ARE TREASURES ? treasures are abilitys to make your general,s stronger in three different ways.

WHAT ARE THE THREE DIFFERENT WAYS ? the three ways they improve your generals are by 1. adding more attack 2. adding more defence 3. adding more troops.

HOW DO I GET THESE TREASURES ? you can obtain these treasures for defeating certain quests, here is a list of where to get them.

BLACK FLAME available after defeating level 28 quest. (adds more attack)
DRAGON HORN available after defeating level 30 quest. (adds more defence)
WILD FIRE available after defeating level 33 quest. (adds more troops)

TO UNLOCK THE SECOND SET OF TREASURES LISTED BELOW.YOU MUST COMPLETE A QUEST CALLED KILLING SPREE.(killing spree quest is to fight on the world map for 2 days in a row and kill 3 million enemies. enemies can be real players and npc,s).
DOWNERS HAMMER available after defeating level 80 quest. (adds more attack)
SHADOW TOME available after defeating level 82 quest. (adds more defence)
ANCIENT COINS available after defeating level 84 quest. (adds more troops)

yes theres a few things you need to know.

firstly to get the treasure you have to beat the listed quests five times to fully open the treasure.

once you have beaten the quest 5 times there is also a resource cost to open the treasure. the cost is 100,000 coins and 100,000 wood.

once you have opened your treasure fully you can then upgrade treasures. to upgrade the treasures you will need iron.

everytime you upgrade treasures the cost of iron will increase.
finally when you are upgrading treasure you can trigger crits, the crits enhance the upgrade effect by wither x2 x4 x10 .




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