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07:03 11/24/2022


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Can you please tell me how to quickly raise my rank in CS GO? Just my friends make fun of me, they say that I will never raise my rank higher, that only a miracle should happen. I'm trying to play more, and I'm even getting better at it than before, but it's taking me a long time, I can't play as much, but I want to prove to my friends that I can rise above the rank. 




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Well I think you do not need to pay attention to the opinion of friends and just play for your own pleasure and at the rank at which you can. I also have a friend who's above my rank and all the time bitching me for it, and I in turn reproach him for where I'm better, that is better playing some other game or something like that. But if it's important to you, you can go here: https://boostingworld.gg/ . Maybe it will help you in some way.
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You people are strange, I did not think that because of some rank in some game can be reproached. It's not so important and do not have to worry about it, well, this is my opinion of course. I would be in your place to do something useful than to argue who plays the game better. Well, although it's your business, so it's not for me to judge.