Valorant is no longer the same


06:29 07/04/2022


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Hello forum members. This game is somehow strangely arranged and I banal do not like its updates because it is not comfortable to play. It's good that the CSGO at least this is not. Just these two games that I play and nothing else I interesuet. I hope everything will be alright with them. And what do you play?




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I completely agree with you there. They didn't make any sense. It's a good thing the CSGO doesn't have that. The game in general is different and gives everything you need to make the player feel comfortable. For example, there is even a training map in which you can go before a match and pump your skills Previously this was not used, but now started and just go straight into the game.




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I generally play Minecraft because it is the easiest and best game that can be. In all the others I have trouble playing and I do not know what to do there.