How do I write an Opinion Essay?


08:10 06/10/2022


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General Facts

Opinion essay is one of the most popular types of essays, it is found almost everywhere: both in international exams and in Olympiads. Talking about its features in this article, I assume that you know the basic principles of essay writing and know how to make a pay me to do your homework review.

The same variety is typical for the wording of the tasks themselves: a simple phrase, a text, several texts, a poem, an image, a video, or anything else, depending on the composer's imagination and freedom of choice.

What should be in the essay

Any opinion essay should have an introduction, a main part, and a conclusion.

The introduction sets the topic and expresses the author's opinion. 

The main part contains, as a rule, two blocks:

  1. argumentation of the author's opinion;

  2. an opinion contrary to the author's opinion.

Thus, in the first block of the main part, we explain to the reader in detail why we have such an opinion, supporting our thought with arguments and examples. In the second block, we cover the position that opposes ours, as well as why we do not think this position is correct.

Some assignments explicitly state the need to cover an alternative position; some do not. When there is no unambiguous indication, you should be guided by the length of the essay. If the volume is limited to 150 words, it is better to omit the second block. If the limit is 300 words, it is more correct to include it.

The conclusion summarizes everything said in the main part and again expresses the author's opinion, but in other words.

Division into paragraphs

The introduction, the main part and the conclusion are always divided into separate paragraphs. Thus, any opinion essay contains at least three paragraphs. Regarding the division of the main part, it is obligatory to separate the block with the opposing opinion. The rest may or may not be divided, guided by the principles of logic and the requirements in the assignment.


The essay-expression is written in a neutral-formal style. This means that there should be no abbreviations and colloquial expressions in the work. Complex lexical and grammatical constructions are preferable to simple ones.

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