How do I use POE balls in Path of Exile?


07:08 11/24/2021


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I recently started playing the iconic game Path of Exile. I was hooked by its rating and the fact that it's free. But I'm not quite figured out the currency system. And how to use balls. Tell us about this in more detail.




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The list of useful items in the game is long and includes nails, spheres, scrolls, blessings, and more. Therefore, poe currency is used both for trading. So it is also used to improve the character's equipment. For example, the Chaos Orb turns power-ups into rare items. Chaos Orb can be obtained with special divination cards or merchant recipes. By knocking it out during the game or by buying it from another player. Shards and fragments are also important POE currency items. You can collect them. And then exchange them. This is where you have to go deeper into it all.




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These currencies make the game even more interesting. Because it opens up other possibilities. It's very cool. Thank you for the information. It makes me want to try it myself.