Things You Should Do In ACNH Fall Season


12:24 10/11/2021


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Seasons change gradually in the real world, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can change at the drop of a hat. Fall officially began on September 1st in-game for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and it will last until November 25th, giving players plenty of time to make the most of the change.

The season not only brings withanimal crossing items for sale all of the visual changes associated with autumn time, with island trees gradually changing their color, but Animal Crossing Bells also brings withFree Animal Crossing Items a variety of season-specific activities spread throughout the fall, giving players more to look forward to as the months progress.

Planting pumpkins in a patch and sprucing up the area with fencing and other decorations can help to bring an island's appearance more in line with the season, and the pumpkins themselves can be used in a variety of DIY recipes.

Make Items for the Seasons
First and foremost, acorns and pine cones arrive, which can be shaken loose from trees between September 1st and December 10th. After Halloween, mushroom season begins in New Horizons, and throughout November, a variety of different kinds of mushrooms can be found growing at the base of trees. There are many aspects of fall that can be replicated in New Horizons, including recipes made from acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, and mushrooms. Furthermore, foraging for the materials appears to be a very seasonal activity in and of itself.

Experiment with different Halloween costumes.
Animal Crossing provides players with a diverse selection of clothing optionsACNH items are available through the Able Sister's all year long, and the fall season offers the opportunity to be more creative with a character's appearance, particularly when it comes to Halloween costumes. Although there are many ready-made costumes available for purchase, there is also the option to create something from scratch using the Custom Designs app in order to recreate Animal crossing buy bells "homemade" feeling. Furthermore, a player's appearance can be changed using a mirror to accentuate their appearance, with options such as blue and green skin providing more spooky options for appearance.

Catching New Fish and Bugs
The change of seasons also brings a slew of new critters, fish, and sea creatures to the Animal Crossing islands. The beginning of September heralds the arrival of species such as the cherry salmon and the golden trout, the latter of which can fetch up to 15,000 Bells when sold. Butterflies are also among the creaturesanimal crossing buy items have returned to islands this season, with all of these additions providing players with the opportunity to further fill out their Critterpedia and also donate new discoveries to Blathers at the museum.

Nook Shopping is a great place to get seasonal items.
Aside from the numerous seasonal items that are available through DIY, players can find even more limited-time items by visiting the special items section of Nook Shopping, which can be accessed either through the Nook Shopping app on a player's NookPhone or through the Nook Shopping kiosk in Resident Services.
Throughout the month of September, a cute grape harvest basket will be available for purchase in celebration of the Grape Harvest Festival, and with other seasonally appropriate items appearing from time to time, it's always worth keeping an eye on Nook Shopping.

Make Outdoor Space For Fall-Specific Areas.
With so many new DIY recipes available to craft throughout the fall season, it's only natural{anchor} players will require storage space for their creations. Creating a fun area on the island specifically for these activities can help to capture the true spirit of the season.
There are numerous ways to accomplish this, ranging from establishing an orchard to holding an autumn market or hosting a bonfire in the hopes of attracting the ideal Animal Crossing villagers to accompany you on a camping trip. Regardless of the situation, the creative process of putting together a fall display is unquestionably rewarding.




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