I have to invest 1000 USD in altcoins. Should I invest in LTC, ETC or Syscoin?


14:30 08/24/2020


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I have to invest 1000 USD in altcoins. Should I invest in LTC, ETC or Syscoin?




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It seems you have no idea what to do, the best answer I can give you is: do NOT do anything until you know where you are putting your money.

The selection of coin/token depends on your investment strategy. First, you need to outline what risk tolerance you have and then study about the coins, projects, teams etc and once you are ready, buy one in a dip




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Hi, LTC is my favorite on the market right now. Still, mind that you will need a reliable converter for any crypto operations.

I believe the most safe and reliable will be  to convert litecoin to usd https://www.bestchange.com/litecoin-to-visa-mastercard-usd.html I used to apply to. You see, this exchange has a lot of positive reviews and amateurs all over the world. I have been using it for a year or so and should say it works pretty well for me. Good luck 




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