what are your favorite social networks?


07:13 02/28/2020


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I'm happy when a lot of people see my work. I have been engaged in drawing and various creative activities for a long time. I now need to create an account in the social network. in particular, I am interested in both telegram and instagram. These are some of the most popular social networks. I know how to make interesting content, but I don't know how to quickly find traffic and get likes. This is very important. if you share your story or tips-I will be happy




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it's amazing that only now you are thinking about what would start a social network. it has long been known that instagram is a person's business card. You really need this. I decided to learn more about this industry when I started designing. many customers asked to design for posts. Then I realized that I needed additional methods to attract traffic. girl likes all my instagram pictures it will help a lot if you use this knowledge correctly. you will be able to achieve everything that you have planned. the main thing is to act.




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My favorite ones are Twitter and Instagram. I don't like Facebook because of fake people here. Otherwise I like sharing images of a key copy ottawa shop in my free time.