Does your woman enjoy cunnilingus?


04:29 11/25/2019


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Does your woman enjoy cunnilingus?




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Probably my answer will be not a typical one and I know a lot of men will envy me here, so my woman really enjoys it. Though the way to satisfaction and pleasure was not an easy one. You know that most women are full of complexes and can not relax and enjoy their own bodies. It is such a pity! If a woman enjoys sex in general, she will definitely enjoy cunni as well, just learn how to do it right to satisfy your lady makes cunnilingus




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The problem in introducing cunnilingus in your sexual life is maybe that a man doesn't know how to do it right to satisfy a woman in this way. Men should train a lot to get the practice they need for this. I have met the escort girl here that showed me and taught me how to move my lips and tongue to make her moan, twist and shout of the desire to come. She always instructs me with words so I know which speed to chose to make her come.




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All women are different)) I could never guess the first time what she would be in bed.  heard that there are so insatiable women that they themselves choose partners on escort sites. I would like to meet one such day))




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Are you sure you could handle me? I'm used to getting the best. I just choose a handsome guy on an escorts site when I want good sex. These guys are very experienced and know how to please a woman. I am sure that this option is much better than casual dating. And you thought that everything would be so simple, right?




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It seems to me that escort services especially with beautiful girls like many men. I don't know much about male escorts.




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Have you ever been to Germany? Be sure that the hottest and most beautiful girls are in Dusseldorf escort. If you want to have a good time in the company of a beautiful girl, then use the escort service and you will not be disappointed. These girls will drive you crazy with their beauty.




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Not only is it great because of the pleasure that comes from it, but just like in the shower .




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It may be real!

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