RoG Version 604 update 25th of july


06:48 06/25/2018


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Lol I know, another update ????

This is a hotfix update, fixing most known and reported bugs. We are working on addressing most known bugs but some may take longer to fix.

While there is not a detailed fix log, some of the bugs include goddess siege rewards can not be claimed, arena ranking not working, arena first page flashing, various text, skill and rune twerks and also a drop rate adjustment.

Please bear in mind that drop rates will differ from player to player, and some statements by players have not matched statements by other players, nor what GMs and devs have experienced themselves on the servers.

the mythic item drop rate, is higher than players statements, its roughly 5% chance of mythic item drop per 20 dungeon runes... of course that does not mean you will give a mythic item every 20 runs. Its a average rate of drop

The drop rate of scrolls for combining, is actually higher but yes we know it takes more work and upgrade stones to make mythic items so we are considering a combine system for scrolls, like players can use 4 scrolls to combine a mythic item

As always, we want feedback, ideas, suggestions and bug reports......

We have decided to look at cross server for S1 and S2 with S3 having cross server with other versions...... part of the reason for this, is the time difference between servers and also version differences, with newer servers using a updated version that differs from the version of S1 and S2.... in the interests of events, bug fixes and time, its easier to do it this way.




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lords road s69服务器,,任务打完,不在刷新。解决一下,谢谢




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good luck with all of that, the servers are near dead scatch that they are dead 3 or 4 players is considered dead. only reason you have players on each server is because the same less then a handfull are playing all the servers. your "devs" have done too much. the game has potential but to much damage and changes with out sorting things in the correct direction. you remove MUCH needed things from the mall with no other way to get those items. the prices in the mall are out ridiculous. hp and mana pots are to expensive. do the math IF higher pot costs almost 3k gold and you make 15 gold with out gold pot. and 40 with gold pot, with the rate of gold pots, should be FAR FAR cheaper. another example gear drop in dungeons you get more lvl 1 and lvl 10 gear then the level you're in. it cost way to much to upgrade gear and the item drop is super rare. you have to have zero life and hunt all day the bosses if ksers don't come and take drops. you removed the socket stones and so many others which we need to upgrade. oh, that's right you want us to spend more lol your update did the opposite, but I'm done I am no longer spending on this game. idk, I hardly play anymore so whatever who cares right? not like you all care about the player's enjoyment from what I hear and see. 
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absolutely yes!!

this game is insane about pricing..

i just start to thinking about devs who scared about abusing or scamming..

but actually it was devs its self scamming player for insane price.




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Hi !

I have here some Bugs (I hope they are Bugs) :

1. When you open your Inventory, i ALWAYS get one Stack from the Inventory into my backpack.

2. Why can't i buy storage or backpack space anymore ??  Earlier in the game i could purchase space (i think it was one row) for 300 diamonds.

Don't you need diamonds ?

3. Can you please put the pop-ups for World-Boss anywhere other ??? I have often the problem, that, when i combine items and click at the given 

spot the world-boss pops up and i click this and teleport there, which i didn't want.

4. Always that music is on, when i join the game. I DON'T want the music to play, because i like to hear music i like. Can there be some cookies or 

so that the music is off ?

Suggestions :

1. I have often dismantled some Knight-Quality Item i didn't want to dismatle, because when you don't have the space in your 

Backpack you have to dismantle some Items. (Thx for the new feature to dismantle anywhere)

IF you can block some important Items, this will not again occur. (Hint : You can give all Players one block for free and the others must be bought by diamonds)

2. I think it would be great if you add one Instance where you can go with more than 3, f.e. with 6 Players to complete the ini.

Thank you for your Work. I like to play RoG.




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Thanks for the feedback... ok, lets go through your list

1) That is not a bug, what happens is that when you click on the storage page, it counts as clicking on the item in storage. It is possible not to click on a storage item but it does take some practice and knowing where to click.

2) correct we did remove storage and inventory chests from the shop. On new servers they are offered in the mythic sales which appear for players under level 35 I believe.

The max is 10 pages of storage and 10 pages of inventory and currently players do not need that much unless they are hoarding items in excess amounts that they will not use.

There are plans to readd storage and inventory but that will come with guilds.

3) Lol you and about half the game have asked the same thing, including the GMs. Yes the world boss popups are very annoying, specially in dungeons.... that will be reviewed after guilds are added.

4) you can turn the music off at the top left corner, click on the speaker icon.


1) yes I agree, I have done the same thing myself. At this stage, the only thing we can suggest is manual dismantle as the system can not tell the difference between white normal, white high level and white set items, it treats them all as white items... and the first to be auto dismantled.

2) we are considering that. The first thing we have to consider is can some players devices run that many graphics without graphics lag or issues with rendering. Graphics lag is when the quality and amount of graphics to be rendered, exceeds the devices graphics and processor system so it struggles to * draw * npcs, thrall and players which can result in players getting killed in dungeons.

BY clicking on the eye icon at the top left of the screen, players can reduce the graphics level down... and that means less visual effects showing on the screen. We are looking at other options such as hide players and thrall in town.....

Love the feedback, I will forward it to the devs so they can also see what you are saying...




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The drop rate of scrolls for combining, is actually higher...

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