RoG and COA loading issue UPDATED with link to work around


22:03 06/07/2018


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Try IE or edge. The problem is with the version 30 flash player update not being compatible with the game engine of RoG.
This is not isolated to AMZ RoG, it is affecting non AMZ games that also use the same game engine. 
The frustration for us is that adobe did the same thing before and ignored a big gaming community backlash for about 3 weeks, by saying it was not a serious issue. They released a update patch to fix the issue about 3 weeks after the flash player update.

Players of CoA may remember that when it happened last time. For players that can get in and play on chrome and see the security error and be unable to use chat. That is a result of the flash player update. Players of ROG, COA and former players of felspire may recognize the security code issue

The devs are working on a bypass patch to get players back into the game but honestly, roll on HTML5.

If flash player was a dog, I would shoot it.

UPDATE: We are going to release a beta mini client. it uses a older version of flash player and is a working mini client that will run the game. PLEASE recharge using the main site to avoid any issues, do not use the mini client as we are coming into the weekend and if the recharge goes wrong, it may be monday before its fixed.

Secondly its a beta mini client, this means it is not a full working version, expect bugs with it, do not report the bugs, we already know

thirdly, it may not work for some players, for various reasons, the most common is anti virus and security systems will try and block it.... it is not a virus, it is not malware, its a beta client made two years ago but can be used to get players into the games. It will not be updated with patches or fixes.

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