Bitcoin As new recharge option


04:35 05/09/2016


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Hi, I want to suggest Bitcoin as a new recharge option. It will very easy to reload using it and is available around the world. Hope devs can check this out. Thank you.




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I hope they will add it very soon , right now i want to recharge but i have just bitcoin




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As I know, bitcoin is not an official currency,and it is not supported in many country(include our country China).So it is hard for us to support it.




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That's a nice idea. I use special crypto bots from and they ease my life significantly. I think, your offer will also make our lives better and easier. 




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I аm still а bit аfrаid of investing in crypto. So I decided to go the old wаy аnd found myself а good forex broker using to invest my money. Not sure if it's а better decision but I аm more cаlm this wаy.




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