High PING in South-East Asia.


06:42 04/24/2016


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This ping is really too much. AMZgame, do you have any plans about this?
Or you don't just care as long as you receive money?
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Resolve this Thread please




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The ping is simply the amount of time it takes from data to be sent from the players device to the server and return again.... the most common cause is heavy traffic / congestion on the route the connection is taking or a bad connection.

Think of it this way..... you are driving to the next town, no traffic = low ping.... heavy traffic = high ping.... 

Players use the argument that high ping means that the next town is responsible for heavy traffic and therefore the next town should fix the issue.........

Now some countries like the Philippines, india and china will experience a high ping at times because of their networks are not able to handle the traffic and connections can get congested...... 

Now use the argument that if you go to a different site, it loads faster without many issues, and you are correct, because that site uses a different route to ROG... so your answer is use a VPN to reroute the connection to ROG

That may give you a better, less congested connection and lower ping rate.........

We can not change the route your connection takes to the server and back to you without moving the servers to different parts of the world and even then, it may not fix the issue of your country having connections on heavy traffic routes.