i think we need a merge on s59


18:27 03/21/2016

Terry Crispin

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hi too games masters I think s59 need a merge reson got 5 guilds in game but only about 2 turn up to battle stuff plus about 40 players some days at most less on other days plz can u let me no would u think on this thank you




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lol u lucky my is 10 all day 
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Lord Road

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i think,, there is many server which wait merge,, but just make new one,, there is not so much new people playing this game. and if nothing happen,, people stop play,, it is not any reason play,, if server have just 1 or 2 guild which playe,, is that any mind?example S56 should make merge.  i think that way




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We are currently waiting on the devs to return to work to resolve a issue with players accessing servers. Please be patient and wait until that issue is resolved as it may make a difference to the number of active players on servers




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I think S70 and all of its servers it's already merged with could do with another merge too. There's roughly 5 servers merged, yet there's only like 8 people online at once... and that's for events and stuff.
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