[Guide] Land of Defense Nightmare [SOLO] 100% Success


03:13 03/13/2016


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I've been looking for this formation and share it with our AMZ players and I finally did it, with this you'll be able to Solo.

  • Please Follow every step very carefully!.

    • Every Turret position is extremely important, please take a Look at the pictures so you can see where you'll set the turrets, I usually guide myself from the Lines and the Base of the turrets (and the little circles in the base)

    • Some pictures have a red line as reference to set up the upper turrets

    • The swords on the turrets means the INT Archer is giving the attack effect, if you are missing one please check your positions, you need "Watch ALL" to see them

1.- You have to buy Full Silver quick for a total of 300 Bound Diamonds (After Success you'll get 200 B.D back)

Build 1 dragon and 2 bears and max them [Leave 1 space from the lowest available position] (you should max them instantly if you bought all the silver), as you can see they are set up sequentially, you just need to set up the dragon in the right position and just build the bears besides him.

Attachment 8096

Note: So after this step you can take your time to set the next turrets, they will kill everything easily until 9th wave or more, but this doesn't mean you'll stop to build, you just have time to do it right.

2.- Build the top row all Lvl 1 [The first one is a Dex Mage, 2nd is INT archer, and 3rd INT Mage) To set this turrets you create them right on the previous ones (This mean the first spot available Above them), Please look at the following picture how you'll set up the First archer, there is a red line to guide you, then you set the others with only 1 space separation, and then max these 3 new turrets.

Attachment 8143

3.- Move a little to the Left, On the Gate of the bridge, or wherever you are (lol), And build 3 consecutive bears All Lvl 1 only (Once again please look at the pictures for reference, then build on them First: INT Warrior, 2nd: INT Archer, 3rd: DEX Archer (With the same theory than the other pair of separate turrets, only 1 space separation, and the next available space ON the bears) also Look at the red reference line.

Step to follow: After you build this formation all Lvl1, Max the TOP Row first, and then Max upto lvl 3 the First bear Only

Attachment 8103
[This is an old picture, Replace that DEX Mage for an DEX Archer like I've been saying in instructions]

Note: From now you should build or make the next upgrades the fastest possible for a better development.

4.- After you max the First bear, then build a new INT Warrior, 1 square distance of the last bear (Look at next picture for the position), Max this INT Warrior and then Max the others 2 bears.

Attachment 8144

5.- This is the final step, build 2 Mages (Lvl 1) in the empty space between the two 6-pack turrets like I will show you in the next picture, both will be DEX Mages, Max 1 first and then Max the other one

Attachment 8104

After maxing these mages I think you'll have 380 Silver left, which you can keep or you can build a Mage and set it in the beginning of the map, infront of the dragon but this is really optional.



"Thanks Crow for the Preview full image"

Well dears users if you follow this guide, you'll be able to SOLO LoD Nightmare, Please really becareful setting the turrets I've done 10/10 runs with this formation and in the last wave the numbers have never reach 29/40 Monsters in the line.

My best wishes for you! and please give me your feedback!




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attachments not working, would love to see the pics for this guide.




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thanks for the guide.. it works for me.




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ill do it :)