New Option: Reset of Monsters at Glory City Defense / close "old" instances


11:56 03/11/2016


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Hello AMZ,

I have a suggestion about Glory City Defense (=GCD).

Let me start with how GCD is working at the moment:
If you defeat all monsters of one wave without dieing, the next wave with stronger monsters appears. And with every next wave, the monsters are getting tougher.
At about wave 6 you can't simply rush into all monsters and bomb them down, you have to: 1) pull them one by one, 2) kill them in a safe place (entrance) and 3) dance to heal yourself, then repeat from 1) to reach higher waves.
So you shouldn't use AFK here.

But now there comes the problem:

A new player joins at higher wave while you are dancing. With AFK enabled he/she simply rushes into the monsters like a lemming and now sees: "OMG! Thats a high wave, better running back to that high guy/girl, so he/she can save my ass!"
(If you don't know what I mean by "lemming", wath that movie here: It's from a old game called "Lemmings")
Now that player runs to me and dies next to me, before i can help.
As the player is dead, the monsters start attacking me, without I was in their "aggro range" at pull, nor I did any damage to them. If that pulled monsters are more than 2, it's definetly MY dead. And it was NOT my fault.

Here comes my suggestions to protect the surviving player:

Variant #1: If a Player dies and no other player is attacking the monsters, the monsters should go back to that place from where they were pulled. If you are now too close to that place, you will get attacked because of the "aggro range".
Variant #2: Lock instances of GCD which are on wave 7 or higher, so no player can automatically join you. Only self made teams are allowed.

That was my suggestion. What do you think about it?




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Your suggestions are actually good. Its great , seriously you shared very important things that were I couldn’t not judge. Have shared on such wonderful information with us. Keep up the good work.  See you again soon.