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13:58 02/12/2016


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Cheer for all amz support and dev. members:

One rule about of quality in services is the customer satisfaction. I'm in disappointed with the posture that you have been taken about any issues in the service (because this game is a channel for a service to end user doesn?t forget it).

One thing is when anybody says that any is impossible, and other distinct is when anybody doesn?t want doing something.

#1 Don't speak about other games: You're right in mark this point when one user provide an external url for other service. Because it's your commercial channel for your service, not for other one. But if one player speak about other game, sharing a view point for improve your platform (remember that you say that it is a beta with issues and settings not available until now) you will take it. How do you want improve your services if don't take this like suggestions?

#2 Bad deal in promotions: An ambiguous redaction in promotions or implement it without care, can be a bad end in client relationship. Maybe you?re tired to read about garudas wings but think fine by one second: If you redact that this promotion is available for the first month of a new server. Then is for the first month (30 continuous days) after the first day from released server, not natural current month days.

#3 Enterprises roles: One developer is one developer, one project team leader is one project team leader and one enterprise manager is one enterprise manager. One developer can't take decisions about how the company (because amz I think is a company) provides a solution for a bad experience with clients. One developer follow orders and take decisions for do it, not in reverse way.

Take this like an advice for improve your enterprise line, because you are causing damage for you enterprise image with all the past answers that I can see on this forum.




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Thank for the info slope