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10:27 02/12/2016


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Guild Problem : am leader of 2 strongest guild of the server s2 and s7 after 3weeks of playing i realize that guild limit is too small.. there are thousand of player are creating in every server and in s7 we are a active guild but the population is only 44 and more people want to join in our guild as we are active and do all events together... if other players are not enjoying their guild they will lose their interest to play.. Guild is the main reason why you are active because its fun if you have active guildmembers so you will know more players more fun... i just hope you can work on these...

SUGGESTIONS : when you create a guild the first population is 20. and +1 population every level... so my suggestion is...

*every guild level the population will add +5 instead of 1 so many people can join and stay active... because more people in guild more fun and that's how players are playing the game... but if their guild is dead they lost interest of playing COA because they just online and to the same thing everyday quest and dungeon there are more fun things in Guild events. i just hope that instead of +1 you can change it to +5...

*GUILD BOSS : Can you also please add a gold upgrade for guild boss. . i just hope more rewards in guild boss and you can donate gold...




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