Mini Booklet Of Information Thingy (LOL)


13:26 02/10/2016


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So I suggest a mini booklet of some sorts in game that will give full detail of enemy mobs. Because right now, the only thing we can really see is their HP.

i mean, most games have them right? (maybe?)

This will help us understand our enemies better.

It will help us determine which mob is best to grind

Which dungeons we are able to do with ease, so that we wont have to waste our time trying.

Im sure there are many more uses, but for now, this is all I can think of.

A mini booklet thingy that will display a full overview of an enemy mob stats.




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Wow, this sounds really nice. Actually I want to write the same thing but my writing skills are much worse than yours so right now I'm trying to copy the style of writing of these sources here -, hope I will do it one day
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