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So, other games have this. Just saying. But I believe this game would flourish with a rebirth System. Simple Explanation: Must be max level to rebirth. Must do a series of quests/dungeons. Must have a minimum BR of XXXXXX (whatever BR you wish to set this as) Must kill a Team Dungeon Boss (not a team dungeon, but requires more than yourself to kill it) Once rebirth quests are all done and the min. BR reached You may Rebirth into the same class for a boost in base stats or rebirth into another class to use the starting stats as a level 1 usually would.

In-Depth Explanation: Character must be level 80 before he/she can accept the Rebirth Quest. || Character must complete 100 Daily Quests of 5/5 quality. || Characters BR MUST meet the minimum requirement of 500k (This is just a guess as to I have no idea what kind of BR exists in the level 80 character world). || Character MUST form a team of 2 other players (The other two players must be a class opposite of their character; If rebirthing a priest other players can be 2 warriors, 2 mages or 1 of each.) to defeat the Avatar King (Team Dungeon Boss Level 85) Avatar King has 3 Forms: Form 1 - Warrior Form(Has increased Defense attributes - Warrior Classes deal more dmg to this form) | Form 2 - Priest Form(Has increased healing skills - Priest classes deal more dmg to this form) | Form 3 - Mage Form(Has increased dmg output - Mage classes deal more dmg to this form) [This is why all different classes would be needed]

Once the character has killed the Avatar King he/she must talk to the NPC Avatar King in Glory City to confirm that all requirements have been met. Thus inducing the Avatar Kings' Buff: Rebirth You will then re prompted to choose your next class.
  • If rebirth from Priest to Priest - Increased Hit Base Stat.
  • If rebirth from Warrior to Warrior - Increased Defense Base Stat.
  • If rebirth from Mage to Mage - Increased Critical Damage Base Stat.
  • If Rebirth from one class to any other class - Character reverts back to Level 1 with the base stats a level 1 character would have. Character loses all class skills and gains all new class skills(based on what class he/she chose)

This is just an idea, if I get more thoughts on how to improve this, I'll post em here. Thanks for reading




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