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04:23 02/03/2016


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hi to all GMs and Devs...

I would like to suggest about changing jobs/classes at a certain level in the game to make it more exciting...
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I would prefer these changes AFTER the BUGS are FIXED. . 
  • Chronos nc pic what server are you in sir

    07/20/2017 07:38




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Thank you for your post, it has been suggested before to add option to change class. Making such change would require lots of work.

I hope you for now can enjoy CoA like it is and remember that you're not bound to one class, you're always welcome to test the other classes too, it only requires to log with different account. 




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How to change class guys??




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The only way to change class in coa is create a new account you cant change class when u already started a character on a server.

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