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01:41 01/25/2016


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i recently made an archer and wanted to make a healing one so put everything into int, i later discovered that the "support" tab in the auto combat window won't heal and be a team support like its supposed to. It wont do both heal and buff at the same time, for what i have seen it is that its only to give buffs to team members not to be a "support player" like in other mmo's.

Was talking to friends s4 swarygy and s4 hin both play archer and both are healing archer's, they both agreed with me that the int archer should have some kind of aoe heal skill like in other mmo's also to have a "party" tab with the already existing tabs "DPS and support" and have that be a buff and heal option for int archer. To have a blanket aoe that heals all team members a certain amount depended on how high int is on any given archer.

i have seen in felspire when killing bosses that the healer is healing themselves instead of the team on auto combat, or on the other hand has to stand away from the fight while only healing and not attacking anything because they can't target team members just sit there pressing 1 1 1 1 1 constantly until the boss is dead..... Pretty boring for the healer if you ask me, the healer should be a dynamic character always moving to better position to heal the team. Not be just a healer sitting in a corner healing from afar the character should be able to kill mobs and heal team at the same time, auto targeting any team members that need HP.

thank you for any suggestions, addons to this post

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