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01:48 01/24/2016


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Here's my new hero ideas. I read all their infos on encyclopedias.
There are 6 Skills to choose, pick four skills for the heroes i suggest

Seraph (AKA Archangel from X-men)
Type: INT
Gene Level: Purple or Orange
Position: Front or Mid
1. Razor-sharp Feather barrage - Attacks enemies with metal feathers.
2. Healing factor - Seraph regenerates his lost HP. (like deadpool and others)
3. Aerial strike - Seraph charges at enemies. (similar skill to wolfie)
4. Injury immunity - Passively increases Armor.
5. Wing flaps - Seraph flaps his wings to knockback enemies.
6. Aerial Strike - Seraph strikes his enemies from midair with full speed and knocks them back.

The Unstoppable (AKA Juggernaut from X-men)
Type: STR
Gene Level: Orange
Position: Front
1. Quake - Smashes the ground to strike the enemies in front
2. Powerup - Unstoppable became temporarily stronger, increasing his Attack and Defence.
3. Force field - Unstoppable generates a shield which makes him invulnerable to attacks.
4. Charge attack - Attacks enemies when they get nearby. (similar skill to wolfie)
5. Superarmor - Passively increases armor.
6. Superpunch - Punches one enemy to knock it back.

The Prosecutor (AKA The Punisher)
Type: DEX
Gene level: Blue or Purple
Position: Mid or Back
1. Grenades - Throws grenades to damage enemies.
2. Sniper Rifle - Hits one enemy with huge damage.
3. Marksmanship - Passively increases stats to DMG & Ignore Armor/Armor Pen.
4. SMGs - Attacks one enemy with SMGs, dealing 2x from PATK.
5. Faster Punishment - Prosecutor increases his Attack speed temporarily.
6. Vigilance - Passively Increases DEX.




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