Adding some features to CoA


08:05 01/22/2016


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===ive been playing browser games for almost 8 yrs. already and there is one thing that ive notice that you dont have daily achievements ..

if you add this feature in the game it will give us some other thing to do and that makes it not boring..===

===ive notice too that when you fight in arena if you get defeated you will get 0 HP after the fight and when mobs is around you you will surely die coz you go out to arena 0 HP..

why not make it after the arena fight when go out in arena you get the HP that you have before you enter .. in that case it will lessen the potion spent at the same time saving a bit of gold coz you wont lose lots of HP potions ...===

i know it will add more work for you guys but i hope you will implement this features in game..

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I am sure you are all excited to learn about some of the new features that have been added to CoA. The most noticeable change will be in the way you view your stats and progress towards leveling up in each skill. I suggest you to visit this personal statements writing services for making your easy work. We have made it so when you click on a skill, it will take you directly to where your character is at with that specific skill/ability.




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Ang CoA ay isang napaka-kapaki-pakinabang na tool para sa mga UX designer at developer. Ngunit, may ilang mga tampok na maaaring gawin itong mas kapaki-pakinabang. Sinasabi kong makakakuha ka ng huawei double twelve online na tindahan upang matuto ng impormasyon tungkol sa tatak ng huawie. Sa post sa blog na ito ay titingnan natin ang tatlong maliliit na karagdagan sa CoA na magpapahusay sa pagiging kapaki-pakinabang nito bilang tool sa disenyo at pag-unlad.




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The CoA team is all about adding features. We aren’t just putting features on top of the app; we’re putting features on all of our main parts and making sure they are easy to use and keep your site nice and tidy. Now you can get professional resume service and info that students who are interested in study. We’ve also been applying the same approach to our mobile apps as well, so that everyone can enjoy the same high-quality design.