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12:41 01/17/2016


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hi my ign is BagniSI from s4 tartarus server, i was abit tired lastnight and posted this in the clash of avatar forum lol anyway. i have been playing the game for about 2 months really enjoying it but certain aspects of the game seem a little bit broken, for example the pots in the market the str/int/vit/dex reset pots worth 88 diamonds. If amzgame decided to lower the price of said pots people maybe more interested to donate and buy them to explore different builds. Int warrior or full int ranger to a full int sage or maybe a full vit warrior. The possibilities are almost endless.

Another thing that seems abit broken is the drop rate of the demon eyes, demon keys, the necrobone and the nercobook. Yesterday i was literally farming for 8+ hrs on the same mobs trying to get them to drop so i could enter into ToD or DA. Unfortunately none dropped at all, so reset happened and i was still farming trying to get even just one but nothing. I have been farming non stop since reset yesterday it is now 2.53 am so farming roughly for about 17 hours i have been farming with absolutely ZERO keys made so yea thats broken

also i think the game would benefit from having a trade window so players with alt accounts can trade stuff with themselves without having to buy the said items from the market and risk somebody else buying their items before they do..... Which has happened to me because of lag twice. I put the items in the market for my alt to buy from myself i got dc, when i reconnected all items wer gone that happened twice to me so far.

Also i think the game does not need a marriage thing added into the game...... Main reason being is i myself only know of one girl that plays on s4 tartarus server lol so if there was a marriage thing added into the game there would be alot of gay weddings with guys getting married to other guys lol not that i have anything against gay/lesbians i just don't think it would be a very good idea for felspire.

any addons by other players from all server's are more then welcome and very much appreciated

thanks guys





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Every game having the more than one player the other stages against work as well but sometimes the main players tuck while gaming. AMZ forum helps you out as mentioned at review must check and read it.