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10:29 12/28/2015


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Dear players,

We appreciated so much to have you in Shaikan. You've always been supportive and of great kindness even when Shaikan kept you waiting so long for launching and still remained some unfixed issues. As a token of our gratitude, we have prepared special benefits for recharging in Shaikan.

1. Ingame rewards
Monthly total recharge bonus will be sent to your mailbox at the beginning of next month. For reference:
Attachment 5880

2. AMZ bonus
Players who have recharged in Shaikan, can receive the same equal amount of in game currency (equal to the other games recharge rate) in any other one of our AMZ Games, using the same login account. The currency will be sent to your ingame account or mailbox as a gift from Shaikan, so you cannot enjoy the recharge rewards of the other game you choose with this part of currency.

Those who want to enjoy the benefits should provide: te game you want to play, server and IGN, login account (same one as that of Shaikan).
a. Game: League of Angels
b. Server and IGN: S1-XXX
c. Login account:

3. Players recharged in Shaikan before Dec 31th, 2015 can enjoy recharge bonus in another AMZ game.

Shaikan Ops Team