Many Blitz Tickets = Many Mouse Clicks


14:34 12/26/2015

Purple Crayon

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I can only speak for myself, but when I see I have over
10,000 Blitz Tickets and realize maybe I can sell 5,000
of them-I am faced with the task of having to click the +
5000 times.

Now, when I bring up the Treasure Shop or the Enhance
Gear interface and click on the +, I realize I can hold
the mouse button down and the + automatically increments

In Summary:
Please code the + for Blitz Tickets(selling from Inventory interface)
to behave like the + in Treasure Shop and Enhance Gear.




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All things considered, a virtuoso book of world records isn't applied to this sort of record. Yet, we have seen a portion of the incredible records for click speed test game. Some gamers have sent us a message with screen captures and some of them posted on their own web-based media profiles. The great score is 15-20 avg, that you can say uncommon records - not every person can make such. The world record for the CPS test is 22, as indicated by the spacebar speed clicker site with most recent updates.




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Once a visitors of my website send check his jitter click test and send screen shot to me. He was scoring almost 8 click per second and I think its a great achievement and no one is able to break his record.  




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