Skills Rune Guide


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Skills Rune Guide

Runes unlock at level 58

To raise your runes first open hero panel. 

Open the hero interface of the hero you plan to add runes to.

The Runic Heroes are the ones with the Rune System available.

Click on the skill icon or mini circle which is next to the skill of the rune you want to upgrade. Pop up window will open up so click on"Jump to Rune"

Skill rune window will open. You will need Normal Genes to activate Mementos but the last Memento will require Modified Genes. You can get them in Gene Institute module or buying at Mall.

When you are ready just click Activate button.

To unlock a rune you need all mementos activated at least to level 1. So keep activating all.

The last memento requires Modified Genes. You can get Genes in Gene Institute or Redeem in Lab.

Once you have all 10 Mementos activated then use Trial Ore (Obtain from Heros Trial) to unlock the Rune. 

By raising Mementos levels you will increase Extra attributes of each Memento.

After unlock the rune you can equip it in your skill.


*Mementos unlocked and upgraded by using genes.

*Upgrade runes to enhance your runic skills

*Extra attributes from runes and Mementos will effect in all battles.

*Extra attributes are only increased by leveling up the Mementos.

*Rune upgrade should improve only the effects in the skill.

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Hello GM. Need info about all rune skill hero..
Like rune skill for ice witch, Jennie Grey, Gamble, etc..




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Yea get more specific